Improving Students Vocabulary Mastery


Everyone agrees that English is an international language. It is spoken all over the world, either as a first or second language. Many people use English in most of their daily communication. Nowadays, English becomes a common subject in level of education in Indonesia. That’s why everyone supposed to learn English to face the globalization era.

The use of songs as audio materials in teaching English as foreign language is an important part of language culture and has an important place in culture. Songs are one of the instruments which provide students with the information related to target culture. In foreign language teaching, activities which are created by using songs contribute to the development of a lot of language skills from grammar pronunciation. Therefore, these activities can be carried out in all classes ranging from very basic levels to advanced ones. Additionally, as widely known, music and melody have a positive impact in terms of reducing stress and anxiety.

Including in learning and teaching process in educational field, the teacher has been encouraged to apply the right method to make the students not only absorb the learning materials easily but also happily and joyfully.

The writer believed that one of the thriving techniques to support active and fun language learning  by using songs. Learning a foreign language with something familiar such as songs is helpful because songs are familiar in our daily life. Many people listen to songs. It is believed that songs, rhymes, and chants can help the students’ language development. The teacher uses songs to make English vocabulary learning better since in songs, students are required to repeat the same words or the same structure without boring them. Thus, it encourages the students to learn new words and memorize them easily.

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